eTumour Database Portal

You are about to access the eTumour database (see also database references), which is one of the final results of the eTumour project, with a multicentre collaboration to acquire statistically significant data. Clinical MRS, HRMAS and microarrays of biopsies were used to investigate how metabolomic and genomic profiles relate to diagnosis or to clinically relevant factors such as survival time and treatment response.

The eTumour multicentre project gathered in-vivo and ex-vivo MR data, as well as transcriptomic and clinical information from brain tumour patients, with the purpose of improving the diagnostic and prognostic evaluation of future patients. The database contains 1317 cases created as a result of the eTumour project and 304 from a previous project, INTERPRET, as described in MAGMA. 2006 Feb;19(1):22-33. The number of cases fulfilling the Indispensable Dataset (ID) was 656. Completeness and pairedness were variable depending on the data type involved.

It is a password-protected, web-accessible database of standardised and quality control-checked brain tumour magnetic resonance spectra with final consensus histopathological diagnoses of the corresponding patients which is made available free of charge to hospitals for the benefit of patients. Contact database manager (Margarita dot Julia at uab dot cat) for further details.

The project was funded by the EU (FP6-2002-LIFESCIHEALTH 503094), and it was carried out from February 2004 to August 2009 (5.5 years), involving 21 partners across Europe and Argentina.

From September 2009 onwards, partial support is acknowledged to CIBER-BBN, which is an initiative funded by the VI National R&D&i Plan 2008-11, CIBER Actions and financed by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III with assistance from the European Regional Development Fund and to Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación in Spain (PHENOIMA: SAF2008-03323).

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